Hello Kitty
Kitty Matching
Find the matching pair of cards and improve your memory. See if you can beat the current best time!

Kitty Matching
PC bank
Pochacco's Balloon
Hello Kitty Block
PC Crazy Marbles
XO Cave Adventure
My Melody Typing Game
Kitty Say
Rescue Me
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Jungle Jumper
Treedrop's lost in the jungle! Help him find his way back home by guiding him to the right path. Don't forget to pick up the grapes along the way!
SanrioTown Kart Madness
Feel the need for speed? Check out Sanriotown's latest action game and become a Sanrio Racecar Driver! Choose from characters Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Dear Daniel, and Kerokerokeroppi but be warned, each character has his/her own strong points! So strap on your seatbelts and drive safely with Sanriotown Kart Madness!
Super Engineer
You'll need a good eye for this game! Sketch the shown object as precisely as possible. The more accurate you draw, the higher your score!