Hello Kitty
Kitty Blocks
Three's really a crowd with this game! Align at least a trio of similar blocks and increase not only your score and game time! Surprises await you when you remove special blocks and when you form combinations.The game is made up of different levels, so see how far you can go!

Kitty Matching
PC bank
Pochacco's Balloon
Hello Kitty Block
PC Crazy Marbles
XO Cave Adventure
My Melody Typing Game
Kitty Say
Rescue Me
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Super Engineer
You'll need a good eye for this game! Sketch the shown object as precisely as possible. The more accurate you draw, the higher your score!
Kuririn VolleyBall Game
A nice sunny day, two little hamsters, and a... pineapple? Have a blast playing Volleyball with Kuririn and Sakura! In 1 player mode, you get to play as Kuririn against Sakura, and in 2 player mode, you can play against a friend using the same PC! Hurry, hurry! Don't let the pineapple fall!
Crazy Wheel
Go crazy with SanrioTown's 'Crazy Wheel'! Match the boxes with the corresponding buttons. Sounds simple? Not quite, because for each button you press, the wheel tilts a little, until you don't know which corresponds to what direction!